About US

Binary Magic has been providing high quality software to the developers from all over the world. The Company takes pride in the fact that every product is considered a unique challenge; every special request is considered a learning experience and every customer is an important carrier of what we and our products offer.

The Binary Magic Team comprises of young and highly educated staff, enthusiastic to solve the complex problems, which arises in high-tech development environment in the best possible manner and to offer new techniques to our clients.

Although our roots first appeared in the early 1993s as a software developer for the pharmaceutical industry, grocery wholesalers, supermarkets and billing programs for Internet service providers but Binary Magic was established in 2000 in the international market and specialized in CD/DVD burning software and system programming for international markets. Several factors have contributed in the increase of our international clients.

Binary Magic GmbH, Nürnberg Deutschland was established early 2004.

Binary Magic has expanded its products all over the world to provide affordable high-tech solutions to the developer companies of any size.



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