License :

In order to protect Binary Magic copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary rights, Binary Magic Software Licensing department ensures that domestic and international developers, user groups, and electronic bulletin boards are properly licensed.
If you use all or part of any Binary Magic software in a program that will be distributed to other people, you need to license the use of that software from Binary Magic. This is true whether the product will be sold, used internally, or given away. It's true for commercial vendors and educators. It's true for old, new, and future Magic's products.
In today's economic climate, can you really afford the penalties associated with unlicensed software?
We have the following categories of the licensing.

Single User Licensing :

A non-transferable license, which permits the purchaser to install the training on a single PC for use by a single user. Duplication, sharing, multiple installations and/or electronic transmission of any content are in violation of Binary Magic and International conventions copyright. However the products designed by our software can be share sold installs and transmitted freely.

Multi User Licensing :
  This version will allow installing software designed for corporate, government, charity, and academic customers on a server computer that will be accessed by more than one locations or departments.

Site Wide License :
  If installing of software is on more then one workstation belonging to the same organization a site license (or individual licenses) is required for that organization. This is ideal for businesses that have multiple departments or locations connected with a network. You would want to use the network version if you share employees between each of their stores or department. You can download a Site Wide Licence version from our web site and we will send you the instructions. Test version with no obligation, and cancel before your two-week trial ends if you are not completely satisfied.

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