Magic Audio CD Burner (VCL)

  Magic Audio CD Burner VCL - Audio CD burning components for Delphi/Builder Developers.
Magic Audio CD Burner (VCL) is developed to fulfill the requirement of Audio CD burning needs.
Magic Audio CD Burner Includes all the features required by the developers in such software plus more, offering the reliability, stability and ease of use in affordable price.Magic CD/DVD Burner is the only program of its type to exist on Delphi / C++ Builder platform, thereby featuring a valuable asset to all the Delphi / C++ Builder users around the world.


  Add Full Featured Audio CD recording functionality to your Delphi C++ Builder Program.
No DLL/ActiveX is required, Compiles directly into Executable.
Built-in ASPI Layer for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Supports recording on CD-R / CD-RW.
DAO*, SAO* and TAO Writing methods support.
On the fly burning of wave, mp3, wma*, ogg* ** files.
No disk space is required for temporary files.
Support Rewritable CDs operations
Tested with IDE/EIDE, USB, SCSI, Fire wire CD/DVD Writers.
High Performance File/Disc Caching.
All Windows Versions (Except Windows 3.1x) supported.
Easy to use.
Free Life time updates.
Source Code (in Delphi ) is also available.
Royalty free rights to use the library in your applications.

*Coming soon!
**DLL is required.
Download Trial: Primary Mirror
Download Registered: Primary Mirror

Price (In US$):

Number of Developers: Single Two Three Five
Without Source: 250.00 399.00 525.00 750.00
With Source: 999.00 1599.00 2099.00 2999.00
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